Mobster is the story of two men – Jacob Hadar, West Coast kingpin of the Israeli Mob, and Special Agent Ron Zarger, the man implanted to bring him down. Equipped with the latest surveillance technology, Zarger, known by his undercover name ‘Eli,’ has used his wits and his guts to slip into Hadar’s inner circle. Hadar, brilliant and ferocious, has focused his attention on a long-standing feud with the Baja Cartel, and has failed to see the saboteurs in his midst. Action and intrigue ensue as the Undercover Agent tries to topple a complex international crime syndicate with access to nuclear arms.

Meni Aga as Jacob Hadar

Michel Wakim as Eli Goni/Agent Ron Zarger

Hamzah Saman as Ido Ran

Ninef Arsanos as Yaniv Kafni

Rogina as Rhanna Zarger

Dave Silva as Guzman Alvarez

Roger Gutierrez as Hugo Vasquez

Michael Petrone as Viktor Ivanov

Michael Umansky as Sergei Mikhailov


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